Vote Tracker
Frequently Asked Questions - We urge you to read this page before asking already answered questions in our support server.

Where can I get support for Vote Tracker?

You can get support for Vote Tracker in the Vote Tracker Support Discord server.

How do I setup the bot?

Before doing anything on your server, you have to setup the bot. All the step by step instructions can be found by typing vt!setup in your Discord server, you can also find them in the Setup page of our docs.

How do I setup auto roles?

You can use the vt!autoroles command and/or read our docs page for it here. If you have any trouble setting them up you can always get help from the Vote Tracker Support server.

Why aren't votes being logged in my vote log channel?

One common reason is because you haven't properly setup the bot, make sure you have filled out all the steps in the setup process. Another common reason is the bot might not have permission to write & send embeds in the channel, you can test this by temporarily giving the bot admin and typing vt!votes fake which will emulate a real vote.
If neither of these solutions worked, you can always ask for help in the Vote Tracker Support server, we're online every day to assist you.

Where can I see a video tutorial?

You can find the community made video tutorial for Vote Tracker here.

What is the default prefix for Vote Tracker?

The default prefix for Vote Tracker is vt!, but can be changed with the config command. See Config for more information. At any time you can tag the bot to find its prefix in that guild.

Where can I vote for Vote Tracker?

You can vote for the Vote Tracker bot here.

Last modified 1yr ago