How to configure Vote Tracker for your guild or bot to work the way you'd like it to. This includes setting a vote log channel and custom vote log embeds with the use of placeholders which can be found lower down the page.




vt!config help

Help command for configurations

vt!config show

List all the current settings for each setting

vt!config set <setting> <value>

Set a new value for a setting

vt!config reset <setting>

Reset a setting to it's default values

Available Commands



vt!config set prefix <new prefix

Change the bot's prefix

vt!config set log-channel #vote-logs

Set the channel for vote logs to #vote-logs

vt!config set vote-message

Customise the vote message embed that is sent when someone votes

vt!config set leaderboard-channel <channel>

Set a leaderboard channel that updates itself every 6 hours

vt!config set leaderboard-interval <new interval>

Set an interval for how often the leaderboard channel is updated in the leaderboard channel

vt!config set blacklist-role <role>

Set a blacklist role, users with this role won't have their votes registered

vt!config set admin-channel <channel>

Set an admin channel, this channel will notify you of any bugs, issues or outages. It can be set to the same channel as the log-channel.